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Trade investments globally all from a single account.

We support clients from most countries all over the world. Stop paying your stockbroker so much in commissions and make the switch to ToledoTrade today.

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Stock trading from $0.35.

ToledoTrade offers two simple and straightforward pricing plans. Our commission plans are created with your best interest in mind and start lower than most of our international competitors.

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Standard1 Trade at Cost2
Stocks from $1.95 from $0.35
Options from $1.95 from $1.00
Futures from $1.95 from $0.85
Minimum $0 $30K Margin or
$50k Cash (Daily)

Powerful Trading Platforms

Whether you’re trading investments from home or you’re on the go, we have a trading platform to meet your needs.

ToledoTrade Platform Overview

Margin rates as low as 3.86%

ToledoTrade uses a blended rate based on the tiers indicated. For example, for a balance over 1,000,000 USD, the first 100,000 is charged at the Tier I rate, the next 900,000 at the Tier II rate, etc.

See Rates
Standard1 Trade at Cost2
< $100k 6.06% 5.06%
$100k - $1 million 5.56% 4.56%
$1 million - $3 million 5.06% 4.06%
$3 million + 4.86% 3.86%

Free stock trading doesn't mean free

Recently Charles Schwab, E*Trade, and TD Ameritrade have announced commission-free trading for stocks. Here are some important things you should know:

They receive payment for order flow

This may result in less than favorable price executions. See the SEC website to learn more.

They have higher margin rates

These brokers charge significantly more for margin. See our rate comparison.

They don't have dedicated support

Instead of contacting a call center, you know exactly who you’re speaking with at ToledoTrade.

They charge for broker assisted trades

Don’t have access to your account? These brokers charge $25.00 more. ToledoTrade doesn’t.

Plan Your Strategy with Free Research

We offer free research from the following independent research providers and more!

  1. ToledoTrade’s commissions for United States stocks on our Standard plan is $0.005 per share with a $1.95 minimum and for United States options are $1.95 for the first contract plus $0.75 any additional contract.
  2. ToledoTrade’s commissions for United States stocks start on our Trade at Cost plan at a minimum of $0.35 per trade ($0.0005 – $0.0035 per share – clearing, exchange fees and regulatory fees apply) and for United States options start at a minimum of $1.00 per trade ($0.20 – $0.70 per contract – clearing, exchange fees and regulatory fees apply)