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ToledoTrade Pro

Our most robust, advanced and fully customizable trading platform.

ToledoTrade Pro Features

Here’s a preview of just a few of our many features:


Create multiple watchlists that are fully customizable in both appearance and content. Choose from dozens of data items to display.


View your portfolio within an interactive customizable window. View what matters most to you: positions, cash, or margin requirements, all in real time.


View real-time news specific to your portfolio or to a stock that you are researching. Contents stream constantly from a variety of news sources.


Interactive Order Entry

  • Click on the bid, ask or position size to automatically populate the order.
  • Use the price wand feature to set the order price.
  • Check the impact on margin requirements prior to submitting an order.
  • Use the advanced panel to create additional order attributes such as one cancels other, profit-taking or hedging orders.
ToledoTrade Pro Option and Spread Feature

Detailed Option Chains

  • Click on the bid or the ask on an option chain to create a sell or buy order.
  • Customize the appearance of the option chain window and choose from a variety of data parameters.
  • View all option chains within the window or sort by expiration or price.
  • Use the strategy builder to automatically build options spreads by clicking on the bid or ask price to create a sell or buy leg.

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ToledoTrade Pro works for multiple computer systems including Windows, MacOS X and Linux.