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Handy Trader

Whether you’re on a tablet or smartphone, Handy Trader provides the trading solutions you need on the go. Handy Trader also uses the latest Face ID and fingerprint technology to provide two factor authentication to secure your account.

Handy Trader Features

Our Handy Trader platform has many of the same feature-rich options as ToledoTrade Pro so you won’t missing anything when you’re on the go.


Create multiple watchlists for all available products that display price information, change and volume.


View your positions, balances, cash and margin requirements, all from within the account window.


View real-time news specific to your portfolio. Content streams constantly from a variety of news sources.


Get system notification alerts through your mobile phone and sound alerts when trades are executed.


Create custom charts based on time parameters. Add studies for advanced technical analysis.

ToledoTrade Handy Trader Security

Secure Authentication

  • Handy Trader uses Face ID or fingerprint technology to authenticate each login session.
  • Handy Trader lets you securely authenticate all login sessions for ToledoTrade Pro, ToledoTrader and Account Management.
  • Security is our priority. Handy Trader is required for all Toledo Trade accounts for your protection.
  • If you do not have a smartphone, you can use our secure login card to authenticate your account.
  • Handy Trader is available for most iPhone and Android devices.

Download Handy Trader

For Tablets

Toledo Trade Handy Trade Table
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For Smartphones

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Handy Trader for Apple Watch

  • Used for information purposes when you want to quickly check your account when you’re on the go.
  • Displays daily P&L, net liquidation value, number of open orders, number of trades executed, excess liquidity and number of positions you currently own.
  • Syncs with the Handy Trade app for iPhone.
  • Enable Show App on Apple Watch and Show in Glances under the watch app on your iPhone.
  • Account P&L begins populating within 24 hours of activating.

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Handy Trader works for most iPhone, iPads, Android phone and Android tablets.