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What is a market on open order (MOO)?

A market-on-open (MOO) order combines a market order with the OPG time in force to create an order that is automatically submitted at the market’s open and fills at the market price.

Notes for MOO Orders

  • ToledoTrade may simulate market orders on exchanges.
  • Nasdaq MOO (and LOO) orders must be submitted prior to 09:28 ET.
  • Options Orders: MOO orders for options must be directed to an exchange. The OPG time in force for directed options orders will only be available when you select a routing destination that supports this order type, for example CBOE, CBOE2 or MIAX.
  • Option functionality for MOO orders may not be available in the PaperTrader.
Jason Toledo

Jason Toledo

Jason brings more than 15 years of experience in online trading. Prior to starting ToledoTrade in 2019, Jason held senior and executive level positions at Scottrade, OptionsHouse and Zacks Trade. Jason is passionate about educating self-directed traders and is a leader and expert in the online trading industry.