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How to Request a PDT Reset – Pattern Day Trading

You have a couple of options to request a Pattern Day Trading (PDT) reset. You can deposit funds into the account to bring the account value greater than USD 25,000. Accounts valued greater than USD 25,000 are allowed unlimited day trades. FINRA has also provided brokerage firms the ability to remove the PDT flag from a client’s account once every 180 days. If an account was erroneously flagged, and the customer’s intent is not to day trade in his/her account, we have the ability to remove this flag. Once the PDT flag is removed, the client will then be allowed three day trades every five business days.

You can complete the following steps to request a PDT reset:

    1. Go the Support Section in Client Portal followed by the Message Center.
    2. Select Pattern Day Trader Request from the Compose drop down menu.
    3. The Patter Day Trader request tool will launch and the system will check to see if the account is eligible for a PDT reset.
    4. Check the box that says “I have read and consent to the acknowledgment and click the Send Reset Request button. A confirmation will will populate and you will want to select Yes to submit your PDT reset request.
PDT reset requests may be subject to review and may take 1-2 business days to process your request.

Jason Toledo

Jason Toledo

Jason brings more than 15 years of experience in online trading. Prior to starting ToledoTrade in 2019, Jason held senior and executive level positions at Scottrade, OptionsHouse and Zacks Trade. Jason is passionate about educating self-directed traders and is a leader and expert in the online trading industry.